Pastors. Second pastor Aleksey Korepanov


I was born in Izhevsk in 1974.At that time none of my family knew about God. So, problems came into our life. My father drank much, that led my parents to their divorce, when my sister and I was too young. After that I felt that our life that seemed to be so happy would never become the same. However, despite my expectations, everything was quite good. I didn’t suffer from a lack anything material.

But years passed, when I grew up but there appeared a fear in my heart to become almost the same as my father. Then I made the aim to be much better than my father and prove it. And I did it easily: I had had strong moral principles until I was 17. I didn’t look like others and more over like my father.

At that time my mother visited an evangelical church and I was there also. Despite that I didn’t answer to the first calling of God: “Why should I follow Him or change myself? I’m satisfied with myself” – thought I. The pride came into my heart, and God, as it is known, resists the proud. Since that time a nightmare had entered into my life. I was fighting God rejecting His love for 3 years. Within that period I betrayed all my and my God’s principles, all that I was so proud of. My life lost its sense. But thank God! He came to me again and addressed to my heart. I  became  a Christian when I was 20. God be praised, He has never left me! Even when I have hard times, I still believe He is next to me as He promised.

On 19th July 1994 I was baptized. It was the town’s beach. It was cold and rainy and again my Lord showed me he was there. Just at the moment when the Christening began the sun began shining through clouds. After the christening the weather turned the same as it had been before. There was no light to be seen.

In 1995-1996 I studied at Bible school. Since that time I began to serve to God although I didn’t succeed much at first. I made good friends who my Lord let to serve and follow Him with.

In 1996 God blessed me to meet my wife Nadezhda. She also serves God. We have three daughters – Alina, Polina and Anna. For several years we were not able to have children because of health problems but after the prayer in church God blessed us with daughters.

In 1996 I started going as a missioner to Debesy, when after a great evangelization a group of newly-converted was formed. I kept going there for about 8 years. It wasn’t easy but my Lord always gave his favour  and helped me whenever I need it. Now He made me a pastor in Izhevsk.

Looking back in the past I understand only God made it all possible. More than that I know that he has much more than we ask Him and think. For our God is great and glorious. Praise Him for that!