Pastors. Pastor Vladimir Batalov


I am  the youth pastor of  Church “Philadelphia”. I heard of Jesus  from my mother, when I was  about 15. It was in 1995. My relationship with God was developing with great difficulties…

I am going to begin my story with the description of all the circumstances that took place in my family and personal life, because they played a serious role in taking decision  to give all my life to Christ  and follow Him.

So, in 1995 a woman   invited my mother to the church. At that time both of my parents suffered from problems with their health.  It was the reason for my mother accepting the invitation. And of course, after she had come to Christ she wished her husband and son to become  believers too.

The period from 15 to 16 was the period of  choosing  my way .There were a lot of questions in my mind: “What do I live for?”  “Who can be the positive role model for me?”  and so on. I saw only the way full of immorality, sin and perversity. I  didn’t know any other, and did not wish to know. When my mother invited me  to the church,  I agreed but with one condition – I was supposed to get a tape-recorder from her… After the “magic device” was in my hands, the church stopped being essential for me. Though I was the man who had said “yes” to his God. For half a year’s time I didn’t go to church .

But one morning when I came up to the mirror  and looked into my eyes I saw the picture full of disappointment and despair. I understood that my life didn’t make sense and I had no self-respect. Six month of night-long parties led me to the thought that my life was empty. The sin that had promised to give me the real life and  absolute freedom brought only disappointment, emptiness and failure.

In August 1995 there was a prayer for those who were to begin  the academic  year. My mother made another attempt to help me get closer to God. At that time I didn’t understand how I could agree accept her words, but now I see – it was God. All the people in the church seemed saints to me and I was a great sinner. I can clearly remember that moment when I stopped resisting God. I told Him and myself: “Lord, I don’t want to come back to that dirty hole, from which you took me out. I want to start a new life, turn over a new leaf.” Then God heard it and I found my life with Jesus Christ!

In 1997 I was asked to serve in  the youth ministry, and I agreed. I hankered  for giving help to those who hadn’t found joy and aims in their lives and took the wide road to the hell.

Having visited the camp in Moscow region where there were about 400 people from the whole Russia, Countries of CIS and abroad , my Christian outlook enriched. And there God began to speak to me and showing me  something more about serving him. I understood that the youth group should become a youth ministry, and the youth are the future of the church and the whole society. And to make it true, the youth are to be a strong team of people brought  up in the Holy Spirit and devoted to Christ, who will continue to carry  the fire of Christ’s love to the whole world.

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