Let us build the temple to the Lord !

In the spring of 1996, the members of the Church Philadelphia decided to build their own church building – a House of Prayer. This event became an interesting and very significant moment in the church’s history.

Even the architect project was brought about in an unusual way. It was born in the hearts of the architects Shevaliev. Being Muslim in background, this couple had no interest in this project when it was first presented at a city-wide competition. They both had a dream about this building and when the final projects were presented, they were very surprised that their idea was chosen. The building process was started in 1998 even though Russia was in an awful economic crisis at that time. The church has had almost no sponsors, but the building has been built by faith and prayers, that is a miracle in itself for our country. As a result we have completed almost 95% of construction work and 45% of inner work. Praise the Lord for His marvelous works.

We see this building not as a religious building only, but as the spiritual and educational center for Izhevsk and for Udmurtia. We strongly believe that many people would be able to find their way to God in this church and to find their lost happiness and meaningfulness of life. For this purpose there will be sanctuary for 1324 seats, administrative rooms, many classes for the Bible School and children activities, a hostel and cafeteria for Bible School students and visitors, a conference hall.

We greatly appreciate everyone who has been involved in this project. We pray that God would grant you His mercy! We exhort everyone who would like to be a part of this miracle.

Let us build the temple to the Lord !


Church building in September, 2010