Folk groups. Tatar ministry

The Tatar fellowship was started in the year 2000. A group of Christian-Tatars from the “Philadelphia” Church decided to unify with an aim to bring the Gospel to the Tatars. We have a strong desire to show Christ to our relatives, friends, and neighbors. The main goal of opening that fellowship was to help Muslims to come to church without obstacles and problems. Everyone knows that words like, Christianity, church, Russian faith and, large congregations make the Tatars feel afraid. The whole idea is to help the Tatars to accept Jesus Christ as their Savoir and Lord. Each of us Tatars chose once between Islam and Christianity. Basically, we had a fear before the Almighty one. What if He sees a Muslim entering a Russian Church, He would think that we betrayed Him, and He would punish us.

People of different ages, sex, and social status attend the fellowship. These people consider themselves the real Tatars, although they are not “baptized” as it used to be said among other people. For instance, a couple, whose parents are servants in a Masque, visits the fellowship. The leader of the Tatar fellowship has relatives, who graduated from Medrece (a Muslim religious school). At the present time, the fellowship is working on the translations of some literature into the Tatar language, spreading Christian tracts, and individual evangelizations among the Tatars. Also, we see a need to have more home groups and training of new leaders.

God blessed us by a music composer and singer, Alianora Gayanova. Her first recordings already have been issued in the Tatar language. Now, we are in the process of making video productions and Alianora’s second record.



We see especial blessings through the musical ministry to the Tatars. They are very sensitive to music and songs in their native language. We have a very wonderful testimony from Kazakhstan about how God delivered a pastor. A man planned to destroy him physically, and burn down his Church because of his ministry to the Muslims. On that very day, when that plan was suppose to be achieved, a Tatar woman was passing by that Church. She heard a song in Tatar from a church audio kiosk. That song was from the disk by Alianora, which was for sale. The words touched the heart of that woman and at that point she started crying. She purchased those songs and eventually returned home. On that very evening, she and her husband came to the church, repented, and said that while they were listening to the songs, God touched their hearts. They confessed that the husband was the man who was supposed to destroy the pastor.

We have a strong desire that all the Tatars who confess Christ as their Savior and Lord could unify together for a ministry and the salvation of their nation. We have a huge need in having men-servants, since the Tatar culture doesn’t accept ministry from women.