Mission. Tatarstan

Pastor Sergey Koudrin

“My turning to God had happened in 1989, when I was 22. I was raised in ordinary soviet family and went to ordinary soviet school, where we were not taught to believe in God. But inward question about the purpose of my life and burning spiritual thirst initiated an active search. After graduating high school I was involved into mystic occultism practice. Trying to enter the spiritual world, I applied different methods, starting with primitive organism cleaning and natural hallucinogens, made out of poisonous mushrooms for visioning images, ending up with meditation system and martial art idolatry. But to my deep regret, spiritual growth was very difficult, but my heart was searching and feeling thirsty.

In spring 1989 I met a group of Gospel believers, I have seen a movie “Jesus from Nazareth”, for the first time I opened the Bible. It was touching the Truth. God have put in my heart simple revelation. I realized, that my way was an attempt to attack the heavens, to enter by force property of mighty Personality, and I am doomed to fail. If the doors of a house are opened for you, you may enter, by other ways robbers and thieves are entering the house. Jesus Christ said: “I am the door: who enters by Me, will be saved and will enter, and exit, and will find a field” (John 10:9). I realized, that only Jesus can and are able lead me into God’s House. That was a beginning of a new life, which is still going on. God released me from occultism rubbish, gave me a wonderful spouse in a happy marriage and four children. Jesus had called me to the ministry of a pastor and a teacher of the Word of God. Sinful past was forgiven, present was meaningful, and future is shining with hope. And the reason for all that is because of Jesus is alive forever

Calling, ministry and vision

I have realized my calling to work with the Word of God right after my conversion into Christian faith in 1989. As a Bible truth teacher and a believers tutor I was gradually raised amid my associates. That was one of the God’s miracle, when 6 persons of my close relations turned to God. Another wonderful and meaningful occasion had happened in the 1989. This was a meeting with Pavel Zhelnovakov who came to Udmurtia for missionary ministry. Since then our destinies are tight together, firstly as tutor and a pupil, and later as a coworkers on God’s harvest and good friends. In 1992 my ministering followed in reorganized church that later was called “Philadelphia” (Brother love Greek). Now, our church consist of more than 1000 believers, and I ministering as a second pastor and Bible teacher.

In 1992 I have started missionary ministering in Votinsk, with the result of independent Votkinsk Philadelphia church branch with over 200 believers, praise the Lord!

In 1993 the Lord have put together two destinies – mine and my wife’s Tatyana. I do understand that happy marriage and opportunity to raise four children is a result of wonderful blessing of God of our lives.

There is a great wish in my heart – to se more and more God’s deeds in Udmurtia. And I am thankful that we are the witnesses and participants due to God’s mercy of occurring changes. We do believe in upcoming integration of Udmurtia Christian body, we believe that all that is possible only by the power of resurrected Jesus Christ! And that is why we, servants of God, trying to bring people into a personal relationship with God. Peace and grace to you in Jesus Christ.

Call-up and ministry

In spring of 2002 the Lord had told to a small group of Christians in Naberezhnye Chelny town, that they are the Church. A life of everyone of them by the time being was not happy at all. They have started to look for a healthy spiritual guiding and teaching, that are indispensable for fruitful Church growing. By this they were brought “Philadelphia” churches union. A new stage of life and spiritual development had started.

In spring 2004 “Philadelphia” church pastor Sergey Kudrin heard in his heart a God’s call to spiritual work and building of a new church. Further movement into brightness search of God’s advice brought him to answer. It was Naberezhnye Chelny, which a pert of strategic vision of “Philadelphia” church and is a important direction for bringing Gospel to Moslem world.

In August 2005 pastor Sergey Kudrin and his family wife and four children was blessed by the Church for this important spiritual work and had moved to Naberezhnye Chelny.

Ministry team

Eduard Shegapov– pastor

Stanislav Vershinin – deacon

Valeriy Kozin – deacon

Ildar Azizov – assistant-servant

Roman Tariverdiev – worship leader

Ministry vision

1. Church union building in Tatarstan Republic.

2. Bringing Gospel to the Tatar people.

3. Healthy family – healthy church.

4. Realization of personal calling of each church member.

5. Each believer Gospel activity.

6. Prayer about spiritual awakening in Tatarstan.

7. National ministries preparing for Gospel reaching Moslem people.

8. Different confession Christians cooperation.

9. Ministering for alcohol and drug takers and prisoners.

10.Preaching Gospel among intellectuals, businessmen and authorities.

11.Mass media development for serving Jesus Christ.

12.Social activities