14 Jan 2004

Church building

The building of the Philadelphia Church has constructed for sixth years. We can see how it grows obviously, distinctly viewed. Almost all outer jobs are already completed. We start inter jobs. All essential lines of communication are connected (pipes, wires, ect.) to the church building. It’s at the point of opening Izhevsk church functioning as the Prayer House. The process of building is accelerated. Such a panoramic and huge construction is rather complicated o raise up, even though Izhevsk Philadelphia church contains over 1000 members. Previously some people considered that mission impossible to start and finish. In reality the church is building almost at the church members’ expenses and we didn’t have any huge income from co-called outside aid. At this point the spent cost is approximately $800.000 USED. By the time when all the jobs are done that cost will be multiplied twice. It doesn’t seem that much in comparative with what values will be for the church, and not just for the church, but for the city as well. The church complex will have a significant meaning as religious-social center, containing a 1.500 seats room – bigger one there is in Izhevsk just Ice Palace and Circus. The church complex will also contain beautiful park territory, conference room, Bible school classroom, student dormitory, small gym and café for family meetings. When the city mayor Viktor Balakin visited the church construction he said that this church will be a picturesque building not just for the city architecture, but will also act in a way of brining sane atmosphere for the Udmurt capital.


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04 Feb 2004
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