14 Apr 2004

Men conversation

This was one of the hugest things that has ever happened in the history of Udmurtia. In Izhevsk there was a huge conference on April, 10. Over 500 men came from different churches of the republic and neighboring regions. The heading of the conference was “Men conversation” and the roles of men in family, church and society were discussed. There were a lot of issues to raise. It’s disappointing that for a long time men have left their obligations and have given up being leaders in the church and family. For such reason as laziness, bad background of their families where they grew up, and because of spiritual weakness men become pressured and quit their positions. There is such a beautiful meaning in the words “Real man” , and unfortunately, we see too few here.

During the conference there were participants from the Philadelphia church, Delo Veri church, God’s church, the Baptist churches, and from other ones in Izhevsk and Udmurtia.

Several pastors of the big Protestant churches of Izhevsk have preached on our weak points in character and about the ways to overcome them and win. The pastor of the God’s church, Peter Ovechkin, preached on how to be a real father and the head of the family. The bishop of the Delo Very church, Yuri Degtyar, preached on being responsible for one’s lifestyle and decisions we make in every sphere of life and family. The pastor of the Philadelphia church, Sergey Koudrin, preached on being strong and enduring any pain and suffering in any life situation and how not to hide from conflicts and problems. The pastors’ words were sharp and strict and anointed by the Spirit of the Bible. God’s Word strengthened and comforted men, though. Men prayed and worshiped together, shared their testimonies with others who are called to be a “Real One” – “The Real Man”!

The participants and organizers felt that the goal of the conference was achieved. The time was blessed by the Lord. The Christian men had talks with one another as they hadn’t had for years, after which the men were able to see the way to follow and imitate the manner of a Godly man’s life. This should change their lives, families and churches through God’s power. They will see real dignity and integrity to take as their principles to be courageous and strong as God told them to be!


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