There was a seminar held in October from the 22nd till 24th in Izhevsk. The seminar was organized for headmasters and teachers of Sunday Schools of the Church’s Union “Philadelphia”. The famous Christian teacher and the pastor of the church “Grace” in Moscow, Pavel Yuryevich Bolochov, came to speak at the seminar.

During those three days, perspectives of Church’s education, temporary methods of teaching, goals and aims of Sunday Schools were discussed. The Sunday School teachers also discussed personal qualities of a teacher, new approaches of evangelization and religious education for a growing generation.

The main goal of the Sunday school is to help parents to put the basis of spiritual and moral values in their children from the earliest age, and to do everything so that their children will except Jesus Christ in their hearts maturely and could evangelize to others freely. Sunday school is the second important part, after the family, in the structure and spiritual life of the church. It is a powerful engine of the spiritual education. It plays a significant role in raising future members of the church which represent new strength, health and future of the church. These are the youth that are able to work for God’s glory on the wide fields of life.

According to Pavel Bolochov, Sunday school has been experiencing the period of abundance and significant growth.

“I was gladly surprised with the results that the “Philadelphia” church has already approached. The teacher’s level ought to be respected; and I was pleased that we spoke on the same language. I hope this communication will help them in their future work.”

Many participants agreed with those words. After the seminar, the participants admitted that they would go home, as minimum, inspired. Many of them told that they had received clear answers on many questions that had been worrying them. They were enriched with new ideas of how to reach the most thankful and demanding listener- a child- with God’s Word.


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