In Votkinsk, a charitable project of giving out gift sets to school children from needy families and families that have many children, is being continued. This project is organized by Bryansk Religion Center “Spiritual Revival” and the International Charitable Mission “Bag of Samaritan”. The project is being held with the assistance of Commission on questions of Humanitarian Help of the Government of Russian Federation and the Administration of Votkinsk. At the present stage of the project, social workers of the town help a great deal to churches. For the past month, about 200 children received sets of school supplies and toys. These children are from the primary schools # 12 and # 15, and from the Center of Social Rehabilitation of Children and Teenagers, and Special school as well.

Today, negotiations are taken part with charitable organizations that have been mentioned above, about the continuation of this project. We will pray and hope that young citizens of Votkinsk will receive good presents, that will be gathered and blessed by the Christians, upon becoming Christians soon.


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