22 Dec 2015

Welcome to Christmas services on December 24 and January 7

21 Dec 2015

The second Children’s Charity Festival “The Light of Christmas” will be held on December 26

Conference of the Association of “Philadelphia” church for leaders and pastors held in Izhevsk

20 Dec 2015

Give thanks in all circumstances

15 Dec 2015

Why is God silent?

08 Dec 2015

The First All-Russian Theological Conference held in Izhevsk on November 27-28

Conference of the Association of “Philadelphia” church for leaders and pastors will be held on December 19

30 Nov 2015

The Call of Jesus

26 Nov 2015

The address of Head Bishop Eduard A. Grabovenko to the participants of the First Theological Conference

24 Nov 2015

Audio recording of the New Testament in Udmurt

23 Nov 2015

Harvest Fest in the town of Votkinsk

Another musical meeting of two Udmurt musical groups

22 Nov 2015

The cup for the forgiveness of sins

18 Nov 2015

Training seminar for future Sunday school ministers held on November 13-15

15 Nov 2015

Power in weakness

09 Nov 2015

Special classes for special kids

08 Nov 2015

Our faith on God’s scales

01 Nov 2015

Defenders of God or fulfillers of His will

29 Oct 2015

Musical meeting of Udmurt folk musical groups “Inkrez” and “Invozho”

25 Oct 2015

Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord?

20 Oct 2015

Harvest Fest in the village of Lynga

18 Oct 2015

Right to become children of God

12 Oct 2015

Harvest Fest in the village of Uva

Meeting of the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith Council held on October 8-9

Conference “True priesthood” featuring Pavel Zhelnovakov held in Omsk

11 Oct 2015

Holy Communion as reminder of the Covenant

08 Oct 2015

The Teacher’s Day in the Sunday school

02 Oct 2015

The Day of Elderly People concert held at “Philadelphia” church on October 2

29 Sep 2015

Harvest Fest in the village of Goliany

25 Sep 2015

Chamber orchestra of folk instruments «Gold melody» gives a concert at the House of Prayer “Philadelphia” (6+)

21 Sep 2015

The First All-Russian Theological Conference

15 Sep 2015

The Day of Knowledge in the village of Lynga

09 Sep 2015

Advisory Council of the Heads of Protestant Churches of Russia meets with Metropolitan Hilarion

30 Aug 2015

Praying for students and teachers

17 Aug 2015

Leisure project for kids in the city of Votkinsk

16 Aug 2015

Faith and life

09 Aug 2015

In expectation of God’s promises to come true

06 Aug 2015

Family recreation with kids of 10 held at Selychka from 20th to 30th of July

05 Aug 2015

Family hike in the Ural Mountains

04 Aug 2015

Social outreach project for children held in several localities of Udmurtia from the 25th of July to the 2nd of August

03 Aug 2015

All Russian conference “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” will be held by the Russian Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in the city of Perm from the 11th to the 13th of September, 2015.

01 Aug 2015

Youth camp “New Summer: Vala on Cheptsa” held in the Debesy region in Udmurtia

26 Jul 2015

Heavenly joy and earthly joy

21 Jul 2015

The Royal Rangers held a jamboree named “Brighter than the sun” in the Udmurt Republic.

19 Jul 2015

Holy Communion in the unity of Church

14 Jul 2015

Another family recreation time in Selychka from June, 30 to July, 10

12 Jul 2015

Our sufferings through the eyes of God

07 Jul 2015

Family recreation with kids in Selychka village, June 20-30

06 Jul 2015

Six people made a covenant with God in “Philadelphia” church in Votkynsk

05 Jul 2015

The hands of God

Fourteen people baptized in “Philadelphia” church in Izhevsk

28 Jun 2015

Friendship in the church

26 Jun 2015

Kids at Selychka from 10th to 20th June

21 Jun 2015

Right priorities

14 Jun 2015

The debt is paid by Christ

07 Jun 2015

Evgenyi Beynya preached in «Philadelphia» church of Izhevsk.

04 Jun 2015

Vadim Yatkovskyi served on the evening of praise and worship in «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk

24 May 2015

The road of consecration

17 May 2015

Covenant relationship

10 May 2015

Feats and victories

03 May 2015

Parents and children

26 Apr 2015

Biblical growing-up

19 Apr 2015

The only way to salvation

05 Apr 2015


02 Apr 2015

More than 600 people on the youth conference «What is God's dream-2» in Izhevsk

29 Mar 2015

Easy yoke and light burden

22 Mar 2015

Striving for victory

15 Mar 2015

To have a fear of God

08 Mar 2015

Bible image of a woman

01 Mar 2015

Piety and wisdom

24 Feb 2015

«What is God’s dream» youth conference takes place in Izhevsk from 27th to 29th of March.

22 Feb 2015

The sacrament of the Holy Communion

15 Feb 2015

Being into God

08 Feb 2015

Living stones

01 Feb 2015

Heavenly Kingdom and Christian way

04 Jan 2015

The first sermon of a new year

01 Jan 1970

The Easter