Loving God gave Udmurt people the Bible in Udmurt. This is His mercy and love to Udmurts. He wants the Udmurt to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth like all other nations. That is why God continues to speak to the nations in their native tongues.

Recently a wonderful project of recording the New Testament in Udmurt was held in Udmurtia. It was arranged by Hosanna Missions and the Institute for Bible Translation of Helsinki. The recording process lasted from September 18 till October 23. The roles were voiced by the actors and actresses of the Udmurt Drama Theater and the Puppet Show Theater. Not all of them believe in Jesus Christ but almost every one of them reflected on their lives. For the Gospel they read in their native tongue penetrated their souls rebuking their sins and leading them to penance. During the breaks in the recording process we had amazing talks with the actors and prayed for them.

Many of them experienced a deep action of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. With reverence they accepted the New Testaments in Udmurt we presented them during the recording project. Each of them agreed that it wasn’t just a human project but that they had great responsibility for it before God! May the Lord bless them all! Thanks God that His Gospel of Love still influences people’s minds and hearts!

Maina Sashina


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