Someone says, proverb is an earthly story with heavenly meaning. Jesus often told proverbs, having compared the Heavenly Kingdom with different things here on earth. One of His proverbs tells about royal feast and those, who were called to it (Matthew 22:1-15). Who are we in this story and how dangerous denying the invitation could be - this is what Ilyas Mukhametdinov spoke about on the sermon of «Philadelphia» church, Izhevsk, on 29th of March.

Ilyas summed up, we were servants in this proverb, because God has given us His word to tell it to people. We eat from King's table, we know much about King's house. Those, who were called first, must be King's friends, so it must be very hard to hear they have denied coming. What happened with these people? Why did they lose respect towards the king? Why don't they want to be in his presence? Why does human soul forget about spiritual hunger? It is all about pride and disappointment. You will ask: how can one be displeased by the King?  The experience shows - it is all quite simple: all you should do is talk with him rarely. People suffer from their own forgetfulness, not from а lack of attention. When we stop communicating with God, we forget their first love to Him. And as long as they live without it, they get tired of the burden of a vicious conscience and get displeased. We will get tired without love. We will get tired to invite to the King's feast, if we stop communicating with Him and loving Him. Remember: you once was invited upon an accident, because others refused. Now it's your turn to go to fork and call people for feast: those who are kind and bad and to hope some of them will agree.

The senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov preached about Christian's burden. Sometimes we think the path to God is difficult and rather hard, and it's truth at some stage, but do we mean God's help when say this? Whether Christ's words towards those who are weary and burdened (Matthew 11:28-30) is nothing? Of course, it's not. Christ told He will calm and give hope, and had He ever lied about it? «My yoke is easy and my burden is light» - Jesus continues. Jesus says to take His burden and learn humbleness and kindness from Him. Then we will realize His yoke is not something that puts you down but a burden, which is easy to carry on. It is comparable with a baby in mother's hands - ask her if the baby is heavy or not and she will not understand you. God never leaves, He always helps to handle all difficulties, He always gives hope and what we do for Him is never meaningless. So tell about your yoke with admiration and get happy for the part you have in your God!


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