“Conflicts and forgiveness” – this important subject was raised at the Sunday service on July 9 by pastor Yuriy Baburin. Diversity of different viewpoints, life positions or even appearance can evoke conflicts. Before the Fall all these things existed in harmony and were wonderful in their difference. But after the Fall the harmony was lost and conflicts became a part of human life. Any conflict brings pain to both of its sides. Is there any good treatment for this disease? The Lord was the first one to offer the treatment. It’s forgiveness.  And He became the initiator of our salvation.

He reconciled us with himself through forgiveness of us in Jesus Christ’s death (Gen. 3:14-15). So what our forgiveness should be like? In name only? But this would be sheer hypocrisy. Our decisions must be proved by our actions. So we must make a choice. The first option is not to forgive and as a result to face soul and body sufferings (we all know how destroying unforgiveness can be). The other option is to neglect our arrogance and forgive. And forgiving others we will receive forgiveness from God.

At the second service pastor Aleksey Obukhov was talking of the Sermon on the Mount (Matt.3:1). John the Baptist preached of upcoming Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus says in his sermon: “… for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”. The peculiarity of the Kingdom’s inhabitants is blessing. Jesus mentioned nine types of blessings. But are these the blessings people searched for? The world’s principle is to live life to the fullest. But the God’s Kingdom’s principle is mercy. People have “casted out” God from their lives. And suffering without him they think that he is cruel. If people don’t live in conformity with God’s law but are a law unto themselves then they cast themselves into problems. The conclusion is that it’s important to be merciful because this is the only source of blessings.

At both services senior pastor Pavel Zhelnovakov touched upon a very urgent theme. The sermon was called “Expectation”. The expectation of fulfilment of God’s promises can become a hard trial for us especially when God doesn’t specify the terms. And we want it all at once! But there are situation when rush is impossible. For example, would anyone want a baby to be born in the third month? The normal delivery of a baby happens in a term defined by God (Matt.5:17-18, Heb.6:13-17).

So how should we understand God’s promises? Especially when they seem not about to happen?  There are two options. The first one is to start acting by yourself, “according to circumstances” (1 Sam. 13:8-14). But the history shows that such choice always ends badly. And the second option is to keep on expecting and believing against all the odds (Habb. 2:1-3). And even if God delays the fulfilment terms it doesn’t mean he’s unfaithful. It means that we still have something to do. Moreover, there’s something we should do during the expectation. We should study the Scripture and pray. 

In the end of the service the church heard many testimonies and prayed. It prayed for pastor Yuriy Baburin for it was his birthday, for outreach trip to the villages of Krasnoe, Lynga and Goliany. The youth told the church their testimonies of the camp “New summer: Vala on Cheptsa” held from July 18 to July 26. The Sunday school ministers spoke about another family recreation at Selychka village.


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