2015. The debt is paid by Christ

Do you know what juridical solidarity means? Solidary obligations are the kind of relationships when more than one person is a debtor and all of them have an equal obligation to pay down the debt. If a creditor claims for one person to pay but this person has no possibility to do that the creditor has a right to claim for the payments from the other solidary debtors. At that the claimed payment may be as a part of the debt so the full amount. This illustration was used by Iliyas Mukhametdinov in his sermon on June 14th on Sunday service of «Philadelphia» church. 
Curious to relate that this kind of civil responsibility excellently exemplifies what happened two thousand years ago - the payment of wages of sin. The Bible clearly declares that the wages of sin is death. The Christ was born two thousand years ago and He had no sin, so He mustn't have been punished at all. However, He decided to suffer our fate and agreed to carry our sin, as said: «He was pierced for our transgressions» (Isiah 53:5). This decision had reached its pinnacle with His desire to die for us. Is the humankind dead? No, it's not, because God Himself entered in the docket and paid for everything. Although He was not accessory to that, He bore the solidary responsibility for each of us. It's noteworthy that we haven't paid anything of our debt, but He has paid the full amount. 
The youth pastor Vladimir Batalov gave a sermon of the God's glory. Relating to the history of the Jews he noticed the following: there's no other nation or civilization that managed to keep their distinctive character that long. The reason of that, as the pastor said, is that the Jews were nearer «though not to Christ's, but definitely to God's heart in a garden». During all the history of Abraham's descendants God cared for them as for His only child, protected and saved them, taught and guided them. God wanted them to understand what they existed for. Later Christ would mourn looking at Jerusalem: «How often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing» (Matthew 23:37). And here is His verdict: «Look, your house is left to you desolate» ( Matthew 23:38). Being Christ's followers today we are in God's good books, He has set His seal to us, He's eager to communicate with us. And the reason remains the same - we are His nation that is able to understand their Savior and can express His personality and show His glory. The pastor also talked of the obstacles which hinder people in fulfilling their calling; these are laziness, disrespect and emotional temptations.


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